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Universal Accounting Freeware 2022


  • Variouse Bookings
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit/Loss statement
  • Chart of accounts in tree view
  • VAT and Calculation
  • CSV Import and Export
  • Account sheets and budget
  • Search for document number in account positions
  • Account analysis
  • Cost centers and accounting
  • Different currencies
  • Comprehensive designer for designing individual reports
  • Totals and balance lists
  • Administration of debtors and creditors
  • Vacant positions
  • Pay, offset and post vacant positions
  • Search for document number in vacant positions
  • Reminder system
  • Backup / Restore

Universal Accounting Premium 2022

USD including VAT

  • Universal Accounting Freeware plus:
  • Credit Transfer ISO 20022:
  • a) Edit credit payment file in DB-Grids
  • b) Create credit payment file for bank-upload
  • c) Read in status file from bank
  • Camt54 ISO 20022:
  • a) Reading in and posting out customer VP's
  • b) Reading in and posting out supplier VP's
  • Big invoice module
  • Offer, order, delivery note, invoice, order from supplier
  • Products, services or parts lists
  • Management Documents
  • Stock
  • Designer for individual reports in invoice module