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The ITExpress GmbH is a modern company, as GmbH founded new in July 2014. We are a innovative two-man company with core competence Software engineering of accounting software. Our customers are small companies, private persons, students and societies. The software is in the aera of financial accounting, invoice and stock management. It took 6 man-years to develop this software. The sales prices are however cheap!

We have developped a top standard software as a gap in the market for international accounting. "The Universal Accounting can be used in every country in the world, and it can also be used for different countries at the same time"

It is very modern, stable, has very special features for a user-friendly experience and a high performance.

Our sofisticated freeware:

Our premium software:

You can test the end product for 30 days or longer!
Here you can download the trial: Setup Universal Accounting Premium 2022 (Accounting plus Invoice/Stock management)

Accounting software is the most used Software category. Such solutions have an impressive impact on the Sales!

6 reasons for our software (plus super prices)


The Universal Accounting can be used in any country in the world, and it can also be used for different countries at the same time.

Book according to knowledge

Are you more of a beginner or more advanced? Depending on your level of knowledge, you can use the Settings and choose which booking method You would like to apply, this can be done at any time.


With efficient algorithms and data structures and optimizing database performance our software has excellent speed even with high data volumes.

Powerful filter options

You can use any column in any table, filter and sort in different ways. Here is the incremental search and the search by means of a visual database query with several linked conditions.

Chart of accounts tree structure

Accounts in groups and supergroups, and not in flattened tables

Individual Reports

You can use the standard reports, load them in the designer and change the layout as you wish, on best to save with "Save as"